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provencharly-photoHi! I am Charly a French cook that have always been passionate about food.
I was born and I spent a part of my childhood in Senegal where the smell, the colors and the freshness of the foods that my grand mother was cooking attracting my biggest attention.
Spending the rest of my childhood and growing up in the South of France that is the country of gastronomy I developed even more my passion for cuisine. I had my first restaurant cooking experience when I was 16 in Monte Carlo – Monaco, and from this day I never left this activity of cooking. I worked and live many years in Monte Carlo – Monaco in the most prestigious restaurants such as “Quai des artistes”, “Zebra Square” and “Le Cavanetu” that are specialized in French, Provençal, Monegasque and Italian food. But that’s not it, my passion for cooking made me travel a lot. I work in a small Netherland city called Geos, in Paris at “Le Bistro du Quai” and in the “Crystal Serenity” cruise boat that was the occasion for me to visit several Caribbean countries and American cities, and to get even more inspiration.
As I visited New York I fell in love with this exciting city and a friend that already lived in the city opened the doors for me to work at “Stanton Street Kitchen”. A few years after I had a greater opportunity to work at La Mirabelle an authentic French restaurant that gave me a big freedom to use my talents. The clients loved my food and this is when I had the idea to cook directly for them in their kitchen and therefor to become a personal chef.
My cuisine is mainly Provençal but I don’t forget my roots, and I sometimes add a touch of tasty senegalese food such as the “Poulet Yassa” that is a marinated chicken with onions, lemon and French Dijon mustard that if you think about it, is a dish with a strong French touch. But enought said, you must try my food that will make you travel in the land of “Provence”!

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